Amanda 5

Amanda Iglesias
Menagerie: A Manifesto


Neal 1

Briana Neal
The Place We Find Ourselves

Caleb 3

Caleb Manske

Chris 1

Christopher Erdos

Daniel 1

Daniel Miller
The Art of Perception

Gina 2

Gina Bartok
Cover to Cover

Ian 1

Ian Walling
Surrender to the Sound

Jessina Image 2

Jessina Leonard
After This Our Exile

Kalantzis 1

Joy Kalantzis
(Re)Imagine: A meditation of place, story, and beauty

Joy & Anna 1

Joy Lewis & Anna Alig
All Dressed Up: A study in Self Portraiture

Boes 3

Kelsey Boes
She Can Laugh at the Days to Come

Luke 2

Luke Theobald
Am I my keeper?

Franseen 1

Megan Franseen
Creation Beloved

Cuthbertson 1

Meghan Cuthbertson

Michal 1

Michal Ann Seeland
Animula – Portrait of a Childhood

Michelle 2

Michelle Hwang

Nadia 1

Nadia Quiggle
Abuela’s Kitchen – Tasteful thoughts from my Honduran grandmother

Robby 2

Robby Sawyer
O Land


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