Artist Reception – Tim Sheesley

12 10 2015

We recently concluded the hosting of Artist Tim Sheesley’s print making show.  Tim, a professional print maker based out of New York, collaborates with other professional artists facilitating their individual print projects and interests as well as producing his own body of work.  His technical expertise and artistic flexibility were clearly represented through the collection of work on display.

Sheesley Reception 3

The show itself was extremely well received, with regular visitor traffic and the incorporation of the work in several different art class lectures.  We were honored to be hosting Tim’s work as well as the variety of famous artist’s that he has collaborated with.

Sheesley Reception 4

Concluding the show’s run, we were able to host Tim to discuss his personal artwork, his history and experience in the art world, as well as the experience of working with other artists to facilitate the creation of their work.  Our student’s greatly benefited from his generous time and sharing.

Sheesley Reception 5

We hope that you had the opportunity to experience the show while it was up.  Our next show has just gone up.  The annual 12 x 12 x 12 Art Department show is an exciting opportunity to see the work of our own faculty and students as they grapple with the theme of “Work: Curse or Calling”.  Stay tuned for more information regarding everything that is currently going on in Adams Hall.




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