Senior Show Round 3

28 04 2015

The final round of senior shows is coming to a close this week.  This round of shows is composed of five senior art majors in the four gallery locations on campus as well as a community art group show composed of 4 senior community art and missions majors..  The shows represent a wide variety of study and interests and have been extremely well received, with busy and exciting receptions celebrating the hard work of each student. We hope that you have a chance to visit each gallery space before the shows come down this Thursday.

Jack 1

Jack Meriwether
The Clown Prepares to Dance

Shalom 1

Shalom Parker
Our Hands

Rachel 1

Rachel Self
Imago – In The Image Of

Sam 3

Sam Miller
Everything and One Matters

Lindsay 2

Lindsay Inez Stein

Community Art 4

Community Art 3

Community Art
Debbi Omondi – WITNESS, Listen
Christine Navin – Light & Heavy
Mariana Maxey – Clayspace
Emily Hutcheson – Obituary




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