Fall Senior Shows

10 12 2014

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, this past week saw the installation of our December graduates senior shows.  This fall the art department is graduating three students, Mason Duling, Kristen Brown, and Lance Russ.  We are so excited to show you their work.

Mason Show 3

Mason Duling’s show, “Desk Jobs and Night Missions” is a melding of graphic design and street art.  Mason examines the similarities and differences between these two art forms as he overlaps styles of work with paint, vinyl, and wheat paste.

Lance Show 3

Lance Russ’s show, “Tesselate” is a collection of eight photographs that have been selectively pixelated, highlighting the digital and transient aspects of his subjects.

Kristen Show 1

Kristen Brown’s show is a recap of her community art project dealing with the loss of her home last fall due to a tornado.  Brown built a mobile wall from the rubble of the tornado and worked with the community to process the loss and reconstruction of the city.

We are so proud of our graduating seniors and wish them all the best as they head out from Wheaton.  We hope that you have the opportunity to spend some time with each artists work.  Each show will be up through the 19th of the December.




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