Two Articles for your Viewing Pleasure

17 10 2013

Art History w: Text

“Without images we can neither think nor understand anything.”
– Martin Luther

“Visual art, like music, can say things in its own medium that cannot be said in any other.”
– Otto Pächt

“Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion, – all in one.”
– John Ruskin

Art History plays a significant role in the studio art degree at Wheaton College.  It introduces and challenges our students on the tradition and role of art, faith, and culture, provides a context through which students can examine their own studio practices, conceptual ideas, and artwork, and integrates the liberal arts foundations of Wheaton College into the artistic studies and practices of the department. Today we are excited to share with you links to two articles that were recently published online that come from our art history department.

The first, “The Art of Evangelization”, is an article by recent studio art alumni Jack Kinyon discussing the works of Jamie Lara and his research on the conquistador impact on the Mayan culture.

The Art of Evangelization

The second, “Our Lady of Wheaton”, is an article by Professor of Art History, Dr. Matthew Milliner discussing his recent research and teaching of a course examining the art of the Virgin Mary.

“Our Lady of Wheaton”

We hope that you have a chance to read the wonderful work that is coming out of our Art History Program.





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