A non-traditional intervention

18 04 2012

Quilt + Triple Trauma Survivors* + Wheaton College Photo Students

In our community, and in our culture at large, the term ‘self-image’ has very different connotations and implications than for someone who has survived torture and relocation. Though we are saturated in images, the power of images are still very real, and their potential for healing, for transforming, for allowing us to see others and ourselves in another way is also very real and pregnant with possibility. This past Fall, our Documentary Photography class, under the guidance of Professor of Photography,Gregory Halvorsen Schreck, collaborated with the Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center in Chicago on a project that has proved powerful and impacting to everyone involved. We made a couple posts about this project earlier in the year, but for me, reading this article about the project made me realize how much I had not paid attention, how much I had not grasped the extent and depth of what our students were up to and the engagement they were making in this opportunistic project that goes beyond the average bounds and requirements of the classroom.

Read the Article here

NPR, in March 2011, did a story that is also worth listening to on Beneath the Blindfold, a documentary film that explores the lives of torture survivors in Chicago. In their story they interview Dr. Mary Fabri, a clinical psychologist and senior director at the Marjorie Kovler Center , where our documentary class conducted this project.



*Triple Trauma is a reference to a term used in the linked article that describes triple trauma as that which includes torture, migration and acculturation.




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