Love is here

12 03 2012

An exhibit hosted by the Billy Graham Center Museum has arrived as of last week and is a show that is dispersed campus-wide and seeks to engage the Wheaton College community as well as the surrounding community. The exhibit centers around the work of Gene Schmidt from an installation done in Pennsylvania called, “Lovetown, PA.” Wood letter cut-outs are scattered around campus spelling out, letter by letter, Corinthians 13, in addition to 40 documentary photographs by photographer Alicia Hansen of the letters in “action”. The letters as art creates a “walking prayer from building to building”. Love is a word with many meanings, many shapes, colors and forms and Gene’s work seeks to explore these contextually, linguistically, Biblically and Theologically. “How can we know and better love our neighbors?” is just one of the many questions explored and posed for our community through this work. The Art Department is host to a portion of the installation and there are workshops and events all centered around the work and the themes of the work. All work will be up throughout campus for the remainder of the semester. This exhibit/installation is unlike anything to have taken place at Wheaton, and it is quite exciting for us and our students to be an integral part of it.

Lovetown Celebration is Tuesday, March 13!

Here’s  a brief statement about the installation, but if you’re interested in learning more, the two links in the paragraph above are great resources.

bike trick

In 2010, visual artist Gene Schmidt embarked on a journey using Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, as his canvas.  The full text of the Apostle Paul’s “love chapter” was made from panels of scrap wood and laid out against buildings and along sidewalks.  With the negative space of the cut-out letters, the city itself became part of the colorful presentation of wooden boards.  Covering a six-mile route, he laid the first phrase at a chain-link fence in North Philly.  Over twelve days of installation, the journey ended at Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture at the University of Pennsylvania. As an artistic collaboration with professional photographer Alicia Hansen, the project was documented visually, telling the story of the people and neighborhoods of the city as the text passed through.



Tues 3/12 – Lovetown Celebration


Program begins in Barrows Auditorium, BGC @ 7pm

Panel Discussion & Interview with Artist “Art, Faith & Community”

8:30pm Reception in BGC Museum w/ refreshments, book signing and more!


Wed 3/14 – Exhibit Tour with the Artists | Meet @ 4:15pm in Edman Lobby




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