Internship Spotlight

28 02 2012

At the beginning of the year we shared a few students’ summer experiences as interns in various firms or with various organizations, and though summer is long over, we are all looking forward to summer coming as Spring Break is already quickly approaching.

Karen Bergman, a Senior, interned with MOBIA – Museum of Biblical Art in New York last summer. Admittedly, I personally did not know there was such a museum, and we were all quite interested in what she was up to with this intriguing and important place.  Karen has kindly written a little bit about her experience, and we couldn’t help but share it.

This past summer, I interned at the Museum of Biblical Art in NYC. The museum is a relatively young museum, nearing its 7-year mark, and doing great work for its size and age. I had the amazing privilege of being able to intern in a few departments throughout the course of the summer, seeing a large scope of all that goes into museum work. My primary job was in Visitor Services: working the front desk, checking climate control, interacting with museum visitors. I also did research for the External Affairs department and assisted the Education Department in teaching art workshops for public school kids.

One of my favorite aspects was helping with these workshops for kids. One day, we had kindergartners sit in front of Makoto Fujimura’s large “John–In the Beginning” piece and imagine they were inside of it. What did they see, smell, taste, hear? Warm green waterfalls, fireworks, jazz music, root beer. Seeing the genuine excitement and pure thought about what they were experiencing through the visual artwork was inspiring!

It was amazing to be able to assist in a few departments because I saw a lot of what goes in to smoothly running a museum. It is thrilling to be part of a process beginning with installation and continuing through an exhibition’s duration, and bittersweet to see Veronese’s “The Dead Christ Supported By Angels” packed up and shipped away.

My favorite benefit of the summer was that my museum ID got me into every New York museum for free–I was out of control! I loved every minute of my summer and I’d really recommend spending a chunk of time doing a museum internship if it interests you. It was a blast to say the least!

My summer at MOBiA continues to reap benefits. I see more and more how the experience confirmed my love of discussing, experiencing, and doing art with other people. As I look ahead to what’s next, I’m excited to see how this love of interacting with art and other people will be applied to what I do.

You can see more of the summer projects made here:




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