Riva Lehrer – Artist’s Lecture

15 02 2012

Riva Lehrer: Mirror Shards:
Animals & Metaphor

(drawing and painting that addresses the disabled human body)
Artist’s Lecture, Cozette Lecture Hall, Adams Hall.

Thursday, February 16, 4:15 PM

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Below is a line of text (poetry) from Riva’s website that expresses her interests quite well:

The body is the first story; our text of first
meeting. I see you, you see me, skin, bone,
eyes, hair: assumptions pour forth like a rip in a
dam. See the thousand imprints of sex, nation,
money, clues to the familiar and exotic. We read
and decide in eyeblink time. When bone and
blood show an unfamiliar shape, the judgments
freeze into a first, rigid wall between you and I.

So paint the story of surface and bone explicit,
unavoidable, and ask

what did you fear then

and what do you think now.

Riva Lehrer is a Chicago artist whose work is regularly exhibited in Chicago Galleries including the Chicago Cultural Center.  Riva was born with spina bifida and she speaks and writes about her drawing and painting that addresses the disabled human body.

Lehrer’s current work is an exploration of the way that we learn to be empathetic through imagining ourselves as other beings, both animal and human. She will explore the role of animal symbols and concepts in understanding our connection to other beings, and discuss how disability raises specific issues in visual narrative.


co-sponsored by CACE (Center for Applied Christina Ethics)




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