5 12 2011

Ever get sick of green? It’s supposed to be a balancing color.
The Community Art Mural in the Student Health Center continues to go the way of kelly, olive, army, grass, and jade.
The class decided to follow the image designer, student Jessie Taylor’s lead in restricting our palette to hues of brown and green.Typically a limited color palette is the visual glue in a community painting- bringing cohesion to the image and less daunting options to newcomer participants.

The wall is bursting with rich, verdant, fecund tracts of intense color- and last week two visionary painters sought a literal complement. Red-pink-tomato-orange foliage now plumes from an olive tree trunk on the east end of the wall. Purple came too. This illustrates one of the lovely things about community art- the opportunity to collaboratively search out a venture’s guiding principles. What will we “do” with our Matissian intense green lawn straight from the tube and its now hovering red, glowing canopy? I don’t know, but I’m excited (slightly terrified) to work it out with the other painters. And to the personnel who have to work under and see the image on a regular basis, “Hurry and join the conversation, with a paint brush!”





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