Friend and Colleague of the Art Department, David Driesbach, receives esteemed award

13 09 2011

David Driesbach

Awarded the

Southern Graphics Council International

Emeritus Award

This esteemed award has been given to David Driesbach who is an accomplished artist, retired professor and artist in residence here in the Adams Hall Printmaking Studio. David is currently working with Senior Art Major Karen Bergman in our Printmaking Studio on a large copper etching while the studio is not used for classes in the Fall Semester. Last year the Art Department purchased 4 of David’s prints and is anxiously awaiting their return from the frame shop so that they can be displayed in Adams Hall.

David Driesbach has been an exhibiting artist since 1949 and an educator from 1952 to 1991. He has studied with Mauricio Lasansky and Stanley William Hayer. David has exhibited in over 250 one man shows and a very large number of national and international juried and invitational exhibitions and workshops. David has a lifetime of artistic endeavors and is well respected as an educator who instilled strong artistic commitments into a large impressive group of students. David is known as an innovator in the printmaking field who helped to create technical advances in color viscosity printing. He is an internationaly known expert in this field.from the NIU faculty bio page on David

 Learn more about David and see his work at




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