“Tiller” Completed!

12 09 2011

Artist and Art Department faculty member at SPU (Seattle Pacific University) left Friday after the successful completion of his piece, Tiller. We had 13 working days without rain and we’re pushing hard all the way up to 6pm on the day of the reception and dedication last week, but we made it – minus a few fine details yet to be attended to. We cannot thank Roger Feldman enough for his time and commitment to this project, to our department and our students, but also this campus for this piece that we will be living with for hopefully a good amount of time. We had an incredibly wonderful reception and the Arena Theater workout group gave an inspiring performance around, in and through the sculpture that brought the piece to life and created a most incredible convergence of art and theater – something we hope to have more of! The workout group and the group of rotating students who helped Roger worked tirelessly on this project and it would not have been possible nor presentable without their efforts. We hope that this sculpture brings life to conversation and dialogue in the community and we await anxiously to see what and how reactions reflect the work and affect the campus.

Here are a few photographs taken by our own Dr. John Walford, as well as another time lapse on the final day of construction.






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