The Charis Exhibition is Coming!

16 08 2011

The anticipation of a new academic year is building as we gear up for the year and I don’t think we could hope or ask for a better way to get things going than the Charis Exhibition. Eight large customized wooden crates arrived on a big rig in June and we’ve begun to open them and commenced installing the exhibit, which is perhaps the largest we’ve had to date – or at least the most involved. The Charis Exhibition has been traveling for two years now and our turn has finally come! The show started at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI and has made quite the circuit already before ending up on our doorstep. Our very own professor David Hooker has work in this show and has also made it possible for us to bring artist Roger Feldman from Seattle Pacific University to campus to construct a full-scale version of one of his pieces displayed in the exhibit. The installation will take place outside, just West of Adams Hall, over a 2 week period with the help of our students (plenty of photos to look forward to!). Although the installation is temporary, it will be up for two years and be one of the first installed pieces of sculpture on campus.  Roger has completed successful, similar installations at both Calvin College and Taylor University already that garnered positive and enthusiastic responses from their respective communities. We have a number of activities lined up throughout the course of the Exhibition and we’ll be keeping up with posts to keep everyone informed of further details.To learn more about the Exhibit, it’s origins, the artists and the work, please visit

Here’s a short excerpt about the Exhibition: “Charis (from the Greek for gift or grace) is an international traveling exhibit of work by 7 Asian and 7 North American artists that explores the implications of Christian faith and effective artistic practice in an increasingly visually-oriented world where the convergence of cultures is the norm rather than the exception. As the outgrowth of the artists’ participation in a two-week immersive seminar in Indonesia during the summer of 2008 the exhibit represents the ongoing dialogue of these artists on the challenges of cross-cultural communication and understanding, and the need for people of faith to address real-world issues of social justice, peace and reconciliation, and the effects of globalization wherever one lives.”

So far, this is what’s on the calendar to look forward to:

August 24th – September 23rd | Exhibit officially opens

August 27th | Roger Feldman and a group of students along with our Studio Associate will begin construction of the outdoor installation

August 30th at 4:15pm | Roger Feldman will speak about his project and work

September 2nd | Roger Feldman will briefly introduce his work and what is taking place with the project in Chapel

Sept 7th at 4:15 | Panel discussion on Faith and Art with Jo-Ann VanReeuwyk, Roger, me, and David McNutt

Sept 8th at 6:30 | Artist Series Reception for Charis with live music, swank food, dedication of Roger’s Scultpure and a theater performance piece at the site of the sculpture at 7:30 pm


This exhibition was made possible thanks to major support from Walter and Darlene Hansen, whom our Main Gallery is named after and where, with great pleasure, we will be hanging a large portion of this exhibit.





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