15 06 2011

We’re a month into summer already and it’s hard to believe. It gets rather quiet around the department this time of year and though it is a good chance for our staff to catch up on projects and for our faculty to focus on their own work, we miss the activity, the chaos and the students, as that is what we are here for. Despite the lack of activity in the building however, there is still plenty going on. To name a few:

Perhaps the biggest news – Art History Professor John Walford is now officially retired and his absence will be strongly felt across campus, but especially here in the Art Department as we miss him already. One of Dr. Walford’s former students though will be stepping in to fill his position – Matt Milliner, who has just completed his doctoral studies in Art History at Princeton University. We are all very enthused to have him joining our department and we have no doubt our students will as well! Dr. Milliner in his time at Princeton as a doctoral student explored the Byzantine origins of what has been called “the most popular religious icon of the 20th century.” His essays on art, culture and theology have appeared at First Things, The New Criterion, L’Osservatore Romano, The Christian Century, The City, and Public Discourse. He is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and Wheaton College (IL). Welcome Dr. Milliner!

Professor David Hooker and Greg Schreck took off today for the CIVA 2011 Conference at Biola University in Los Angeles where they will be presenting as well as participating. (

Community Art Professor Leah Samuelson recently returned from a conference with BuildaBridge (, where she has helped integrate the visual arts into their conference schedule and facilitated the creation of a mural. Here is a short description from their homepage about who they are and what they exist for:

The BuildaBridge Institute Online is a training and education program of BuildaBridge International. It is designed for artists and community workers who work with people in the contexts of crisis and poverty. Our focus is on engaging the arts for healing, education, community development, and the environment. Our basic methods include appreciative inquiry, interactive learning, mentoring, intellectual discovery and practical application, all integrated with residency-based training and technology.

Sculpture and Ceramics Professor David Hooker taught the second wood fired kiln class ever to be offered at Wheaton’s Honey Rock Campus in northern Wisconsin with a full class and a quite successful firing.

Graphic Design Professor Jeremy Botts is currently in Orvieto, Italy via Gordon College’s Orvieto program and is teaching there for their summer session ( This program is open to Wheaton students and has greatly influenced and impacted all of our students who have attended over the years.

New Media Professor Joonhee Park is returning to Mongolia for the third summer in a row to continue his in-depth work with the Nomadic people of Mongolia and complete filming of his documentary film project, amongst other goals and tasks he will be completing. You can see images from his travels and a trailer for his film here:

Mark Epler, our Studio Associate and ’06 art major alum, is now married as of June 4th and returning for another year on staff while his wife, Kimberly Smith ’07 completes her Masters in Social Work at UIC, before they head off to Austin, Texas where Mark will pursue graduate studies in Architecture at the University of Texas Austin.

As for our students – many have managed to land fantastic internships, some are studying abroad, and some are gearing up for a semester in New York or Chicago come Fall. Here is a short list of what some of our students (recent grads, alumni and current students) are up to:

Graduating Seniors

Joe Weber will be employed at Wheaton College to assist in migrating over to the new website system. Then he will be heading to Oaxaca, Mexico to work with Growers First documenting coffee farmers.

Kai Mazurczyk  has accepted a paid internship for the Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood, Co.. She will be working collaboratively on a temporary  public light installation in the Denver area.


Student Internships

Karen Bergman – with the Museum of Biblical Art, New York City.

Hannah Smith –  with Human Resources Knowledge (HRKnowledgeBase) as a Marketing/Graphic Design Intern , Lewisburg, PA

Jayne Jaderholm – with Anthropologie as a visual display intern, Barrington, IL

Kaitlyn Murphy – with Senator Dan Coats, (who also went to Wheaton) , Washington, DC.

Jesse Pinho – with Adblivion ( as Tech Co-founder

Abby Mitchell enrolled in printmaking and art history courses at SACI in Florence, Italy.

Other Significant Student Achievements

Past Art Graduates Recent Accomplishments

Kaia Magnusen , interned in the Prints & Illustrated Books Department at the MoMA in NYC and the show on which  she worked opened this year.  It’s called “German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse.”

Kimmy Tolbert was accepted into the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, for graduate art studies.

Our office are closed from this point forward until August 15th. You are welcome to email our office coordinator, Sue Graham, at or you may contact our studio associate, Mark Epler at his gmail email address –

If you would like to get in touch with a faculty member, please refer to the Art Department page on Wheaton College’s website for their individual contact information. Reply time may not be speedy as many are traveling and carry a different schedule than during the academic year.




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