New Equipment for a New Semester!

25 01 2011

Anyone who has attempted the digital workflow for photographic or design purposes, knows that this can be a complicated and sometimes frustrating process. Trying to get your print to look like what you see on your screen, and to do it in an affordable manner is a task to be mastered. Ever since we’ve had a computer lab here at Adams, figuring out and troubleshooting the issue of printing – quality printing – has been in process, and that beautiful, magical print seems to have been a time consuming and usually unsuccessful, or at least unsatisfying result. Though it is yet to be proven, we are thrilled with the prospect of all this coming to an end with our delivery of 5 new behemoth printers last week – each one requiring it’s own palette. More than a couple persons are to be thanked for this coming to fruition and in the end we were able to get 4 new Epson 4900 printers and one Canon 44 inch printer! We’re very jazzed, and still putting them in place but the prospects are more than promising. This acquisition increases the potential of our design and photo media classes immensely and will allow our students to have affordable, high-quality prints. Maybe we’ll get to show off a few of the first tests soon!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot – the other fantastic addition to our department, and particularly to our printmaking and graphic design classes, is a silk screen washout booth! I know, I know, it doesn’t sound all that exciting in and of itself, and admittedly, it’s not the funnest thing to clean screens out. What makes it exciting though is that we will be able to do some silk screening. Not only is the process exciting, but so is the result and the potential that cannot be achieved in any other manner. We’re keeping it simple for now, but a small array of screens, some ink, and this little contraption to clean it all up can get us a lot farther than before. Maybe an Art Department T-shirt will be in the works!




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