Insightful (and sightly) National Survey of Art Alumni

10 11 2010

This is an incredibly well compiled survey of art alumni (all genres) from a multitude of schools and programs. A colleague at Indiana University who worked on this survey sent it to us and we couldn’t help but post it! This “app” as it has been dubbed, uses census data in conjunction with other information to report on where artists are living, what they are doing and whether it is in the art field, how much they are making, how well they felt prepared by their programs and the list goes on – so check it out!




2 responses

4 03 2011

Would love to see more info, but the above link is broken. Is there another way to access all of these statistics?

8 03 2011

Hi Hannah,

Sorry about that link – thanks for pointing that out, and glad someone is checking it out!

here’s the correct link – and I’ll go back in and fix the one that’s currently posted.

Thanks for the link to your site too – wonderful wonderful work! So thrilled to see Art Majors continuing on in their artistic pursuits! Will post link for ya.


Mark Epler
Studio Associate

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