Ceramics at Honey Rock!

16 09 2010

6 Ceramics student and Sculpture/Ceramics Professor David Hooker, in collaboration with Wheaton’s Honey Rock Camp in the UP of Wisconsin, have initiated ceramics into the Northwoods for students and campers! The summer started out with a two-week kiln-building class which consisted of 6 students, faculty member David Hooker and an assistant. The class successfully not only built the manabigama kiln in this period of time, but also made enough work to fill it and then fire it – which for those of you even somewhat familiar with the wood-firing process, is no small task. These 6 women rocked it and would give any mason a run for their money! Wood firing is a unique and ancient practice that results in a fantastically unusual, ashen glazing, unrivaled and unattainable by any other method. Honey Rock and the Northwoods are a perfect setting for this practice and we are looking forward to many more firings by our students and professor Hooker! As a matter of fact, professor Hooker and a number of students will be going up to Honey Rock next week for a firing – so stay tuned for more photos hopefully!




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