Fall Senior Shows

10 12 2014

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, this past week saw the installation of our December graduates senior shows.  This fall the art department is graduating three students, Mason Duling, Kristen Brown, and Lance Russ.  We are so excited to show you their work.

Mason Show 3

Mason Duling’s show, “Desk Jobs and Night Missions” is a melding of graphic design and street art.  Mason examines the similarities and differences between these two art forms as he overlaps styles of work with paint, vinyl, and wheat paste.

Lance Show 3

Lance Russ’s show, “Tesselate” is a collection of eight photographs that have been selectively pixelated, highlighting the digital and transient aspects of his subjects.

Kristen Show 1

Kristen Brown’s show is a recap of her community art project dealing with the loss of her home last fall due to a tornado.  Brown built a mobile wall from the rubble of the tornado and worked with the community to process the loss and reconstruction of the city.

We are so proud of our graduating seniors and wish them all the best as they head out from Wheaton.  We hope that you have the opportunity to spend some time with each artists work.  Each show will be up through the 19th of the December.

Artist Reception

24 11 2014

This past Friday was the artist reception for the gallery shows of Professor Greg Schreck and  Professor Joel Sheesley.  The art department was honored by the turnout of students, friends, and family to celebrate the work of two of our own.

Greg Joel 5

Greg Joel 6

Greg Joel 11

If you had a chance to join us, we hope you enjoyed the artist talk and reception.  If you haven’t seen the work of both our professors yet, please swing by the galleries between 8:30 and 5:00 Monday through Friday from now until December 18th.

A New Gallery Show

17 11 2014

The Art Department is excited to host the work of two of our own, Professor Greg Schreck and Professor Joel Sheesley.  These bodies of work were created during the professor’s sabbaticals last spring, and both artists were asked to participate in the creation series currently happening at Wheaton College.

Greg Halvorsen’s show is a collection of images reflecting his travels during his sabbatical and summer. The images are from a trip to India at the end of the summer, with the majority taken during a train ride one morning.

Greg 5

Joel Sheesley’s Show is a collection of plein air painting from the past year.  The eight works represent the four seasons and the changing landscape of the Lincoln Marsh near Sheesley’s Home.


Joel Web 2

We hope that you have the opportunity to spend some time in the Walford Galleries with both of these artists work.

The Newest Gallery Space

4 11 2014

The art department is pleased to announce the opening of a new gallery space on campus.  With the growing number of art majors in the last years, the department has searched for spaces throughout campus to show art and hold senior exhibitions. Those needs were met in the fireside room of the Beamer Center.


As a department we are so excited for this flexible and comfortable space.  To christen the gallery, the department hung a collection of printmaking work by Wheaton Alumni.  We hope you have the opportunity to spend some time with the work in our newest gallery space.  Stay tuned as we host upcoming senior exhibitions and continue to rotate in new work.




Portrait Painting

20 10 2014

This semester, Joel Sheesley decided to offer a two credit hour portrait painting class for students interested in painting the figure from life.  Meeting Mondays and Wednesdays in the mornings, students painted four different models over the course of the quad.

To celebrate the completion of the class, a selection of work from the class has been installed in the student gallery on the third floor of Adams Hall.  We hope that you will have the chance to come by and see the paintings.

12x12x12x12 Show Reception

9 10 2014

Today was the show reception for the 12 x 12 gallery show. The art department is so excited to show off the work of our students and their interpretations of “Light”.  This year the show was composed of 50 pieces by a little over 40 art students and faculty members.  The variety of work represented while limited to the same basic requirements is truly inspiring.


This year, the faculty recognized three students for their work: Hannah Zeller, Kate Penkethman, and Whitney Bauck.  The department wants to congratulate these three students and all of the participants of the 12×12 show.  We hope that you have the opportunity to come and see the show before it comes down on November 6th.

12x 12x 12x 12 Art Department Gallery Show

3 10 2014

We have a new gallery show in the Walford Galleries of Adams Hall, the 12x 12x 12x 12 show.  This is the second year that we have hosted 12×12.  Participants must create works that meet a certain set of criteria:

  • All two dimensional works must fit inside of a 12 inch frame.
  • Video work must be 12 seconds or some iteration of 12 seconds.
  •  All three dimensional works must fit inside of a one cubic foot box.

This year, participants this year were asked to address the theme of light.  It is exciting to see the variety of ways that “Light” was interpreted, represented, and presented. The show will be up from October 1st through November 6th with the artist reception this coming Thursday, October 9th from 4:30 to 6:30.  We hope that you have the chance to come and see all of the artwork.


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